Why It’s Better to Spray and Neuter Animals

Why It’s Better to Spray and Neuter Animals
Fewer animals living in the streets and being put to sleep

 Helps reduce the chance of a male dog getting testicular cancer
or a female dog getting ovarian, cervical or uterine cancer.

 Unaltered pets have a need to dig holes at fences or jump gates to find
another animal to mate with.

 Dogs that are pregnant can be expensive.
The mother requires regular checkups, higher quality food, and supplemental vitamins.
Possible birth complications could be life threatening.
Babies need regular checkups and preventive medication. If the owner is unable to find homes for the puppies, many times they are dumped off at a shelter.The overpopulation never ends.
There are so many homeless animals that might never get a home.
But there is hope, we can all do our part by spraying and neutering our own pets
to help reduce the population of unwanted animals.


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