Two Games Your Dog Will Love

Two Games Your Dog Will Love

Two Games Your Dog Will Love

Adding game to your furry friend’s daily routine can ward off boredom.

Bored dogs are destructive dogs.

Its great mental and physical exercise.

 Tug of War

Dogs favorite game.

A great physical exercise and can teach them good manners.

 When playing, remember the rule: if their teeth touch your skin, the game stops.

They will catch on the fun time stops when my mouth touches my owner.

 Tug of War will not necessarily make him more aggressive or more dominant.

 Letting you dog win makes the game more engaging and fun for your dog to be around you.


Dogs have a natural drive to chase.

Frisbee is a great exercise, fun and challenging for them.

 If your dog is new at chase, start with a soft frisbee.

Hard plastic ones might hit your dog and discourage them

Over time start tossing it at a short distance or rolling it on the ground.

encouraging them to chase it.

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