Tips for Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

                       Tips for Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

1) Keep your dog indoors-under supervision in case they get scared

2) Have a safe spot in your home for them to go to such as a kennel, crate or even under a bed.

3) Keep windows, blinds, curtains closed so they will not see bright flashing lights and will help to diffuse the noise.

4) Stay calm, dogs pick up our energy, body language and tone of voice. Using soothing words will help reduce their anxiety.

5) Take your dog for a long walk, to the dog park or play fetch before fireworks begin.  A tired dog is calmer and less anxious

6) Give them a special treat before the fireworks, something they can chew on for long periods of time. This helps keep their minds occupied, with less focus on the noise.

7) An empty stomach can create more stress, let them eat and drink before all the noise starts .

8) Talk to your veterinarian about calming supplements or medication that could help reduce the fear and anxiety during this time.


                                          Happy and Safe July 4th!










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