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Honoring The Loss Of a Dog

by Maria Esparolini September 18, 2018

Honoring The Loss Of a Dog

Ways to Honor a Dog That Passed Away.

Saying goodbye to a best furry friend is so heart breaking, Leaving a big hole in our hearts.

 1-Create a digital scrap book with all those great images you

took of them while traveling, playing, family time etc.

 There are several scrapbook apps available on your phone.

 2-Many Veterinarian’s offer paw print impressions, done in clay, that can be done n their office.

Once taken home, just fallow instructions on how to care or it.

 3-Plant a flowering shrub or tree in a special place in your yard.

 When it blooms, it can be a reminder of the beauty they brought into your life.

 4-Purchase our "Gone But Not Forgotten" heart necklace that can be worn as a reminder of all unconditional love they gave us.

Maria Esparolini
Maria Esparolini

I have loved animals since I was a small child. My father was allergic to all cats and dogs,so hard as it was for me, we could not have any pets. Once I was on my own, I adopted cats and dogs I found on the streets of Atlanta. Some I adopted from a shelter,but mostly I found them. My love for four legged friends continues to grow. I truly love seeking out not only new products that make their life better,but also learning more about them and best ways to care and keep them healthy and happy!