Helping Senior Dogs Walk On Hard Surface Floors

Helping Senior Dogs Walk On Hard Surface Floors

As dogs age the risk of them falling is greater on hardwood, laminate and tile floors.

 Achy joints, muscle pain and decreased confidence make mobility harderon hard surfaces.

 You will notice your senior dog tip-toeing, or hesitant gait while walking.

 Fractures, swollen joints and bruises can happen from slips and falls.

 Here are a few easy things you can do to make it safer for your furry friend while giving them more confidence.

  • Keep Nails and Fur Around Paws Trimmed

Keep nails trimmed regularly and trim down fur between paw pads

  • Use Non-Slip Pads and Rugs

Place rugs and non-slip pads around places they sleep.

Use non-slip pads and rugs under their eating bowls.

  • Secure Steps

Place runners on hardwood steps or use a baby gate to stop them from going

Up the stairs.

  • Maintain Healthy Weight

Overweight dogs have more pain and joint pressure.

Having a balanced diet creates a healthy weight and improved mobility.

  • Walking Dog/Puppy Socks

Give your senior dog a gift of walking easier with our cozy soft warm 100%

cotton socks.

Anti-slip that work on hardwood, tile and laminate floors


Here is my senior rescue dog Racheal. She was with me until age 13, then passed away from cancer.One of the best dogs ever! Still miss this girl.


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