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Easy Dog Bathing Steps

by Maria Esparolini August 02, 2018

Easy Dog Bathing Steps

A - Brush out your dog’s coat to remove and tangles or mats
B - Use a rubber bathtub mat to prevent slipping
C - Instead of filling the tub with water, use a hose attachment to
wet their coat with warm water.
D - Use a pet/dog shampoo
The ingredients are different from human shampoos.
E - Lather up around the neck, back, legs and feet
Wash your dog’s face with a soft wash cloth, being careful not to get
shampoo in their eyes or ears.
F - Use hose attachment to rinse off soap with warm water.
Keep rinsing until water is clear.
G - Dry off your dog with a towel.
It they have short hair they can air dry.
If they have longer thicker fur, a use a blow-dryer set on
low speed and warm to low heat.
H - Lastly, brush out their coat being sure there are no tangles.
Give them lots of praise on how good they did during the bath time and a treat!
This dog grooming brush is ideal to use when you bathe your pooch. Its gentle messaging and cleansing while bathing your four legged friend.
Maria Esparolini
Maria Esparolini

I have loved animals since I was a small child. My father was allergic to all cats and dogs,so hard as it was for me, we could not have any pets. Once I was on my own, I adopted cats and dogs I found on the streets of Atlanta. Some I adopted from a shelter,but mostly I found them. My love for four legged friends continues to grow. I truly love seeking out not only new products that make their life better,but also learning more about them and best ways to care and keep them healthy and happy!